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The Bathroom Refresher


Question: Which is the 1 room in your home that you use the most? ...Pencils down....and the correct response is "the primary bathroom". Coming out of full covid restrictions has many homeowners rethinking how their home works for them, the end result being a room that delivers an experience. A large percentage of these same homeowners view their en suite bathroom as a sanctuary from all the pressures that lurk just beyond the door. It is estimated that the average person spends 813.3 days in the restroom, which equates to over two years of their life (according to If I am spending 2 years of my life in a room, I definitely need some treats for my eyes. With this in mind, here are the 5 major elements that I believe are needed to transform your bathroom into the retreat that you have been craving. Whether you are making small upgrades or a full renovation, the following list is your new guide to achieving that "ahhhh" feeling of serenity.

And there you have it, my officially unofficial list of must-have elements needed to elevate your bathroom into the peaceful retreat that you have always wanted. No thanks needed, just enjoy your new space!

**This is just my opinion, for whatever that's worth

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