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Under Contract!!

For 5 solid days from 9 am until 8 pm, every 30 min a different agent was bringing their clients to see this beautiful home. My clients have put so much work into the home, since their purchase in 2018. I remember when we first pulled up to the front of the home, the house couldn't even be seen from the road the bushes were overgrown, the were so many trees surrounding the home I don't even think the sun's rays made it through the dense tree limbs very often. Judging by the amount of showing requests and how quickly the spot filled up to show the home, the sellers issued an offer deadline, 12-noon Saturday, December 11th. Friday night they started coming in 1 after the other...when 12noon came around I had 27........ yes, you read that correctly.....27 offers to present to my clients.....

I can't say much about the offer that was accepted, but what I can say is that this home set a new neighborhood record, offers went $100k over asking...

If you get a chance to take the virtual tour you will see why the home was of interest to so many buyers. Check out 9533 Emory Grove Road HERE


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